SU 2016 & LO 2016 discrepancy

I expect I am doing something wrong. I have a drawing with scenes set up which look different in SU and LO, despite updating the reference. The two differences I have noticed are that extension lines are more pronounced in LO and there are some rogue vertical lines below "ground level in SU that don’t show in SU. I cannot figure out why it is not WYSIWYG. I am attaching PDFs of the same scene in SU and LO.

Any ideas?

Annexe SU.pdf (30.3 KB)Annexe.pdf (154.4 KB)

It’s not exactly WSIWYG for a variety of reasons. You could reduce the length of the extensions or just turn them off altogether. The “rogue lines” below ground level are more extension lines from inside or the back of the model.

Thanks DaveR, that fixed it.