SU 2014 Freezes Hanging etc



When you take any action (move, copy, resize, etc.) I want to do is improve the process often gets stuck and can not fulfill. I’m asking for your help on the subject.

OS: Win8.1 PRO 64
GPU: Quadro K4000M
Notebook: Dell Precision M6700

SketchUP Pro 2015 crashes when saving

try if disabling “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use hardware acceleration” fixes your isues.

if yes, the used video driver doesn’t provide a stable OpenGL support (= accelerated 3D screen output; industry-standard).

nVidia Quadros do normally behave fine in this context, update the video driver if not already done.



Also check in the Nvidia 3D settings that Sketchup is using the Nvidia card for its graphics instead of the Intel graphics chip integrated in your CPU:



Nvidia is already selected. Freezing in autosave time doing.