Students and Teachers getting "Are you in the right place?"

Hi, we are a UK school with children on role between 11 and 18. I think our name does suggest we are a College. Therefore we are within the K-12 boundary? Please advise.

Thank You

@tph ah, okay, thank you for clarifying. I added to the whitelist. Google login to SketchUp for schools should work now.

we are having the same issue can you please whitelist

@tdrobny, ok all set.

Don’t know if this is the right place to ask vs. starting a new thread. We are experiencing this problem too and sounds like we may need to get whitelisted. SketchUp is enabled/installed for our domain, Classroom is enabled, etc. Our domain is (even though it ends in “edu” we are a K-12 school district.)

@nelson_d yep, thanks for confirming that you’re K-12. I added you to the whitelist.

@joy Thank you, that fixed it!

I’m sorry if this isn’t the right place, but I’m seeing these threads a lot and this has been recently replied to.

Can we get our domain whitelisted?


@SpencerSketchup We’ve added you to our whitelist, you should be all set!

It seems like people are still replying here so I’m going to give it a shot as well. We are also encountering this same issue. We’ve checked on our end and everything seems right, but we still get this error whenever a student attempts to launch. Can we get our domain whitelisted as well?

Same here. Can we too be whitelisted…

Thank you.

And one more… (it’s how students log in).

Came back to check in on this and realized I forgot to post what we actually need white listed., please! Thanks much!