Students and Teachers getting "Are you in the right place?"


Can we get our domain whitelisted?


@swinn all set.


A lot of our users were having this same problem.
I went into G Suite Admin Console > Apps > Marketplace Apps > SketchUp and re-accepted permissions and it stopped this from happening.

Should we be white-listed in some way too? Is this normal?



Can you add and to the whitelist?
Thanks a ton!


Hi @Futterman those domains are on the whitelist now.


Thanks Joy.

We’re still having some users experiencing problems with Google Chrome crashing and/or saying “Aw Snap” when they press “Save” or right after they load their files.

Everyone is using projects that were initially created in Sketchup EDU. They weren’t imported or from SketchUp Pro. We’re on Windows 7 and 10 64bit, Chrome 70.

What should we do?
Thanks for your time,


Hi @Futterman - are you able to download and send us the .skp for a file that causes this issue?
(File menu --> download; any version 2016, 2017, or 2018 will work.)

What is the frequency of this happening? All the time for the same users? Sometimes for some users? Is there a consistent pattern that you are able to reproduce?


I’m getting the same “are you in the right place?”. Sketchup for Schools is active for everyone, but nobody can log in (all other Google classroom apps are working correctly).

Please whitelist and

Edit: this was incorrectly flagged as spam. We’re still having the issue. Please assist.


We are having the same issue at our school (Trinity School). Can you please add to your whitelist? Thanks.


Hello Joy, Can you please whitelist I’ve been trying to get it whitelisted for over a week now. thanks


Hi @joy , I also have a problem with “Are you in the right place?”
What should I do?
Thank you


@athens47 can you send us your email domain so we can add you to the whitelist?