Stuck in loading in recent files screen

Help. My projects will not load. They are stuck loading in the recent files page. I have a project due and can’t get any measurements from the model.

I have the same problem - rebooted cleared the browser cache etc nothing works

See this:

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I have tried all of that and also on multiple computers and nothing. What good is a software that you pay for when you cant even use it?

Any application that relies on outside resources such as the internet is subject to problems. It could be something weather related or some infrastructure problem. No way for us to know. Fortunately it doesn’t happen very often. An option would be to use SketchUp Pro instead of Shop. You can open it without even an internet connection if you need to.

Thumbnails are being drawn slowly, but at the moment it looks like you can edit your files again.

Just tested. Thumbnails popped right up for me.

I only get the right thumbnail if I open the model for editing. Then Home fails to work, but reloading the page shows the model I had gone into, with the right thumbnail. I get the same behavior in Chrome and Safari, and when I try to go Home the page shows some JavaScript errors.

If I make a change to the model I do get back to the Home Screen, but I’m also shown this error:

We’re having an issue reaching Trimble Connect. Please download a backup file. While you try that, we’ll be working on this issue.

I guess it’s not fully fixed yet.

Thank you. It just started working again. I appreciate the timely response and after 9 years I still love and rely on sketchup.


-David Southern