Stuck in Live Mesh Analysis

I’ve started following some SubD videos and when I select live mesh analysis I get the color variations as expected but they won’t turn off. The button appears to be one that highlights on and off and I can see it change. However, both objects in the file remain green. Am I doing something wrong?

It sounds as though you are referring to a function of Quadface Tools. There’s a similar topic on what you describe here: SketchUcation

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The SketchUcation thread refers to materials in the model that interfere with the colors produced by Live Mesh Analysis. At least that how I understand it. My issue is that I can’t turn LMA off, the colors don’t go back to the normal object colors.
Test.skp (173.9 KB) LMA off LMA on

With Live Mesh Analysis turned on the tool will actively paint the faces either green,purple or red colour as you manipulate the geometry. This obviously signifies a quad-face, triangulated quad or non-quad face.

When you turn the tool off, this “active” colouring is disabled as you manipulate the geometry, but yes the previously painted faces by the tool will remain the last state they were in when the tool were active. The colours are not removed from the faces, you are just deactivating the tool from any further modification.

I believe the recommended workflow is to apply material to the faces after the tool has been used, as any material you have already applied will be replaced in the process of using this tool.

If you haven’t yet applied material and just wish to see white faces again, you can just switch the face style to monochrome. If you wish to remove the colours applied by the tool you can simply apply the default material to the faces.

I thought the thread on SketchUcation outlined the issue, but hopefully this is of use.


This was very helpful, Thanks.
I don’t use materials (yet) so this info was lost on me.

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