Struggling with SketchUp or myself?

I can’t believe this is considered any sort of standard for modeling in any industry! this software is so incredibly limited. I have been using it for years and I still can’t believe how basic and undeveloped it is.

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It IS a basic modeling software. Maybe something like SolidWorks or Catia (or many others) will suit you better, depending on your needs. I am surprised too by the slow development, but I think part of that is to keep it “basic” and simple.

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If so, then why for godssake have you been using it for years???


People have been using Play Dough for years. It’s incredibly basic but fun. LEGO Practice Model

I know sometimes I wish there were certain capabilities in this software that would bring it better use and performance.

I’m sorry it’s a struggle. It was difficult for me for a good while, and I guess I came to terms with it and found it useful. Some people “pick it up” right away.

I see you’ve just joined. Online forums are a big part of what helped me make use of SU.

I’ve been using SU and LO professionally for many years and I produce work effectively that I am very proud of (yeah, I earn a living from it)

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@pbacot and @paul.mcalenan : My answer was meant for @Finneas
It seams like a waste of time and energy to keep stuggling with software you don’t like,
especially when there are alternatives.

sorry @tweenulzeven - too hasty replying.

obviously meant for Finneas

SketchUp is widely used in many industries because it’s a powerful tool that works well for what it’s designed to do. You’ve been struggle for years but this is the first question you have asked here, although it’s not really a question. How about asking for help?

Can you describe one specific problem that you “struggle” with? Perhaps we can help. It may be that part of your frustration come from not fully understanding the program. Maybe not, but you won’t know unless you ask.

What limitations are you referring to specifically? What, specifically, is too basic? What do you believe is undeveloped, specifically?

Troll alert?


Interesting Simon.

There’s also been a number of ‘odd’ posts this evening by ‘someone else’ who has recently joined the forum…

IMO a troll would be someone that posts inflammatory things just for the response itself, this seems more of a vent post, which is an attitude problem rather than a software problem so probably can’t be helped.


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I actually do want Sketchup to be better because I have to use it in collaborative environments with other team members, clients, etc. The lack of precision and accuracy is appalling to me. snapping functions are poor, models are insanely large and bloated, and the selection/"tag"grouping/ordering heirarchy just does not work well when there are lots of layers. I could go on.

I am free to have an opinion as an individual, its your problem if you can’t be tolerant to that. ("Criticize ideas, not people? which one are you criticizing and which am i? all the way up to the mod that changed this thread title)

The list of 3d modeling softwares that i don’t use is much shorter than the ones I use, and I find the modeling environment in Sketchup to be extremely lacking. All iterations from 2016-2021 seem to lack any real improvement in modeling workflow, yet Trimble has taken the initiative to move things to subscription based. what are their real priorities?

This is not my experience and I produce detailed condocs using SU > LO

That sounds so unnecessary. Why not use a program designed to do that such as Revit? Do you construct small residential homes?

Sketchup works ok for creating scenes and setting up concepts for rendering with enscape/vray etc. but it that is its ceiling in my opinion.

Detailed construction documents only are typically accurate to 1/8", maybe 1/16". that’s not even a hundreth of an inch. true precision would be , at a minimum, a thousandth of an inch. In terms of machining, this would even be considered sloppy.

autocad is precise to 16 decimal places. 16!

Sorry but I’ve been doing this for over 10 years with SU > LO and I have a background in AutoCAD.

Others on this forum too.

You’ve lost me with your US imperial.


To each their own I suppose. Not knocking your workflow, I just can’t imagine doing that myself, let alone handing off anything produced by Sketchup to a contractor/consultant.

No different from any other condoc.

My drawings are accepted by planners and building control bodies…


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