Struggling to connect two components (blocks of a wall)

I have this project, a retaining wall. I have a wall of blocks (components) on the green axis. At the end I want to put a corner block (another componet) perpendicular to that wall. For the life of me I cannot get that corner block to connect.

I’m new to Sketchup, so I have no idea where I could have gone wrong.

base516b.skp (229.3 KB)

Right click on the component and click on Unglue. Then you can move it into place.

I expect you modeled the block on the face you drew on the ground plane. Doing that automatically activates gluing when you create the component.

Before you go any further, correct the face orientation of the ground and steps. Should be no visible blue back faces. I would group that geometry, too, before you move on to model anything else.

Out of curiosity, since you’re just getting started with SketchUp, why are you using such an old version?