Stroke Scale Zoom



As I zoom, the scale of the dashes of a line change and I need to see the actual scale.
When drawing a dash line in LayOut, is there a way to lock the scale to the actual scale?

See images. They are at the same stroke scale.


The scaling of the dashed lines with zooming is done so that you can tell what style the line is when it is small on the screen. If the lines didn’t scale, elements such as the dots between the dashes would disappear because they’d be smaller than the pixels on the screen. Then the stoke style would appear to be a different one than it is. If you want to know exactly what the lines will look like, Make a set of them and export to PDF. Print the PDF file and keep it as a reference.


So in any other drawing software the lines will remain at the proper printing scale, especially when viewing in a “Print” view as LayOut is always in.

Does anyone know if there is a way to set it that way, rather than test printing multiple times, or zooming in so far that you lose sense of context?


There is no way to stop the scaling of the lines as you zoom in LayOut.


Wow. That’s disappointing. Thanks


I’ve been using LayOut since it’s introduction and never found it to be a problem.


If you have ever used AutoCad, Revit, or any other software, you would not want to go back.


That’s not my experience but each to his own.