Dashed Line display in Layout


I’ve noticed on the current version of Layout, the display of the Dashed Lines in Layout changes depending on the Zoom level in the layout Document.

So, an outline of this element of my workflow;

  1. Create Viewport and set scale
  2. Copy viewport and Paste to new Layer
  3. Set this top Viewport to Display the Tags/Dashed lines I need
  4. Change the Dashed Line Scale to suit the scale of the viewport to make sure that the Dashed line is showing as I need it. In other words, to make sure enough dashes are showing.

If I remember correctly, in the last version of Layout, once this Dashed Line Scale was set, it stayed the same while zooming in and out of the Layout Page.

However, working on a Document yesterday, and while the actual feature worked fine, I noticed that when I zoomed in on the Layout Page, the Dashed Line changed. For example, zoomed out to full page, each dash looked large. When zoomed in, the number of dashed increased.

I could swear that the previous version, 2020.1 didn’t do this?

It does mean that I can not see how the Dashed line will look until I print, as it seems to scale dynamically on the page depending on the zoom Level in Layout.

Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

Oh, and I am using this on my Windows PC.

Kind regards


Dashed lines have always appeared to change with zooming in LO even before the dashes were available for SketchUp viewports. As I remember, it was done so that the lines would still appear as dashed when zoomed out instead of starting to look like solid lines. I had a little trouble getting used to this at first but now it’s not really a problem. I did set up as part of my templates a collection of dashed line samples for the sizes that I need.For dashed lines I draw with the drawing tools in LO, I can sample the one I need after I get the drawing tool. I can use their labels for reference now when I’m setting dashes for tags in the SketchUp Model panel.

Hi Dave

Thank you. I must have just not noticed in the previous version.

I think I might have to do the same, as when I Printed to PDF yesterday, the final result was a ‘finer’ dash than I was expecting, when compared to viewing the Layout Page at 100%

I guess once I get used to it, all will be good. I know that the Point size does also affect the appearance. I tend to use 0.2pt/1x


Yes. I had to see the lines printed to decide which ones I wanted to use for a given template. On some of them lines at 0.2 would practically disappear. The screen shot above is for a template with Arch E, 48 in. by 36 in. paper.

As they say, every day is a learning day. Must confess, I am enjoying using Sketchup and Layout on the PC :slight_smile:

Most of my work is done on A1 which is roughly 23 x 33 inch.


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