Strip (simplify) DC's prior to model export


I am looking for a way to reduce file size and ‘simplify’ any DC’s that are in my model prior to export.

Can any body offer advice?

Ideally, any DC’s that have been ‘set’ I would like to strip out surplus DC data, effectively just leaving a standard component.

The DC’s will not require any functionality post export. Is there a script/plugin already available for this?



Do you mean turn a DC into a non-dynamic component? If so, you could just explode and re-assemble as an ordinary component.

If you mean turn all the various sub-elements into a component with fewer parts, that may be a bit harder.

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Thanks for your response.

I may have 8 different DC’s in the model. These may have numerous instances, each with differing attributes.

I was wondering if there was a way to turn them all into non-dynamic components by running a script for example.

Beyond my pay grade I’m afraid. But turning 8 DCs into standard components by exploding and re-grouping wouldn’t take any time at all, would it?

The issue that I would have with that solution is that any custom attributes on the top level would be lost. eg. An attribute - X_Name = EXAMPLE would be lost.

But I would like to retain the attributes which have been set, whilst losing all other options . Effectively ‘stripping’ the DC of any variables.

I have heard mention of stripping DC’s a number of times. But when searching the forums for previous examples for this issue, I have struggled to find any definitive solution.

Exactly what you’re looking for…

Eneroth De-DC-ify — Extension Warehouse


That looks great. Thanks.

On a side - Running the plugin for the DC changes the units of the component from cm to in. I wonder if this is intentional, as not sure if this will cause problems down the line.

Thanks Geo, and Simon.

I have had a go with the Enroth De-DC-ify. It will allow the conversion if you have only 1 component selected, but I would like to be able to select multiple. Does anybody have any advice on how to approach this?