Convert Dynamic Component to Simple Component?

Is there a simple way to convert a dynamic component into an ordinary one so it can be manually edited without messing up other instances? There can be issues with all the nested parts within?

Hi RTCool! There is an extension made by Christina Eneroth to delete the dynamic atributes of a component. It’s called De-DC-fy. Here’s the link:

Thanks. I had a vague recollection there was an extension, but wasn’t sure.

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You can also save the file as a version of Sketchup 6 or lower. Then all dynamic properties will disappear.

That’s an interesting trick.

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Or explode it and make a new component of the results. Might be a bit tedious if it has many subcomponents with dynamic properties.

Yes, that’s what I was in the midst of doing when I thought, “Ugh, there’s got to be an faster way.”

The Flex Tools Zapper works well. And it makes the Zapped instance unique.

Doh! Right there, and those are the very tools I’m playing with at the moment.

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