"Un-dynamicing" a dynamic component

Hi all,
Sometimes, you have a dynamic component with complex attributes and references that go down a few levels.(subgroups referencing mid-level groups which in turn reference the top level component’s attributes).

If you try to explode such a component in order to change the subgroups manually, you often get unexpected results (subgroups trying to resize/copies flying to infinity/etc).
Is there a way/plugin to erase a dynamic component’s attributes at all the levels and leave it at its current state without exploding the subgroups?

Delete the component’s attributes in the Component Attributes panel.

save a copy as version 6 and see if it’s what you expect…



@john_drivenupthewall Wow! Smart!!!

Yes that is the obvious way, but it becomes onerous ( :wink: ) if you have a lot of subgroups with their own attributes

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Eneroth De-DC-ify
Purges Dynamic Components of their dynamicness and turns them into nice regular components.

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downloading already!
this will be a very useful tool!