Using simplified DCs in your workflow

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Hi, another concept you may consider, if you add an intermediate component (level) which acts not just as a convenient container for outershell, exploding …to simplfy the DC, but it can retain attribute(s) that pass the current size
A simple DC can be swapped not only with the original but any DC, where a size attribute like “LenY”…(or a common attribute) is passed, so your I-Beam can be swapped with a C-Beam, and the current length can be passed. (though “reload” will replace the component with a DC in its saved condition, so this can be the alternative if required)

Simple single level DCs are basically a standard component with data attached, there is no problems with automatic unique numbers because there’s no sub-components to cause this, they can access higher dynamic capabilities from their original and then be returned to a lower, simpler form.

A ruby script can follow the required simplification process (reading data from the 2nd intermediate level) and change the option labels to suit as well.

Yes that is surely something I am gonna investigate further.
I think one of the things that are displayed here and in the refering thread is the ‘concept of wrapping’ something in a component, be it Groups, geometry, or other components and that you can add ‘data’ to it.

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