Strange shapes

I have some strange boxes in my sketchup that I cant seem to select or delete. I suspect they came in from some other models I downloaded from the warehouse. Any idea how to clean thes up? They show up when I change the view of my model and then 5-10sec later they dissappear.

Have you tried dragging a selection box around the area to select the objects, then deleting them. The black boxes you see sound like proxies, SketchUp substitutes them in for a component during an orbit or pan to make rendering quicker during the move, then re renders when you stop moving. This happens automatically if your system is having trouble rendering geometry in real-time.

To be sure you get them all you can select only the things you want to keep, then invert selection and delete.

I am assuming you are using desktop pro, please complete your profile to get correct answers tailored for you.

This is all a bit of a guess, you should attach your .skp model in a reply (drag it into the reply window) to get a definitive answer.

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