Stop snap feature?

“Static attitude?” Condescend much? Yeah, we get it. It’s a 3D model. However, we didn’t grow up in this program. Please respect the fact that we came from a 2-D world. You can’t make a 3D model unless you have a solid floor plan. That starts by working out the dimensions, often with the aid of imported graphic to trace and outline. Every 2D tool I’ve ever used allows you to turn off the ‘help’ in some way. The ask is that the ability to do that is available, versus having to zoom in/out on every time your cursor starts jumping. I get the inference system. I just don’t want it to interfere more than it infers. DXF imports are OK but they don’t come in as solid boxes. You still have to use the line tool to join the edges to connect the items. I’m certain that by the sheer volume of posts on this topic that I’m not alone. It should be just a simple setting to enable or disable.

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It’s a 3d program, spend a bit of time learning how it works rather than expecting it to work the way you want it to work.

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Sorry for that, it is not my intention to ‘sound’ superior!
For me, it is not about 2D versus 3D, my screen is still flat.
Let me rephrase:
The majority of the students with a ‘Adobe’ background prefer the ‘pan’ tool over the ‘orbit’ tool.

Agree. However, this thread is not in the Feature Request category. I suggest you search that category and add your “2 cents” to one of the numerous topic threads already asking for more control over SketchUp inferences. (Either that or some Sage might move this thread to the FR category as @simoncbevans suggested in Nov of 2016.)

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I agree. Vectoworks allows you to do this. It would be a worthy enhancement request to Sketchup

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I also agree. The inability to modify the ‘inference’ (snapping) in SketchUp (SU) can be quite frustrating when tracing. Quite. Frustrating. And yes, I am completely familiar with SketchUp as a 3D tool. I’ve been using it since it launched in 2000. That doesn’t mean that allowing some ability to quickly turn off the inferences is a bad idea or that people need ‘understand that it’s a 3D tool’. IMHO, being able to toggle inference on/off is a reasonable UX request. SU can be so frustrating I will actually trace in another app, DXF export and import into SU to avoid having to trace in SU. For certain situations that is, sometimes that route is more of a pain than just playing the ‘SketchUp Zoom Trace YoYo’ game. :wink:

I also tend to agree that this post should be in Feature Requests since that’s what this actually is.

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If I understand correctly you want to temporarily TURN OFF the Sketchup Inferencing system that snaps to nearby axes while drawing. I use Fredo’s DrawAlong plugin (Part of the FREDOTOOLS Toolset plugin) in which you can toggle the snapping to Axes function ON/ OFF by tapping on the ALT key while drawing. The plugin is free and can be downloaded from this link at Sketchucation: -

Let me know if that worked for you.

Best wishes