Snap on and off

Ok this has annoyed me fir a long time
Finally have a moment to ask
Is there ANY way to turn the snap on and OFF

Assuming you mean the inference engine (not length snapping, which is an option on units), no.

Can you describe a situation where you would not want the inference engine functioning?

I wonder if you may be referring to the snapping in Layout? Now that really does have issues.

The Line tool has an option to turn linear inferencing off.

i love all the replies -
i do mean Line Snapping -
i know i am crazy - LOL
i have looked at the places you speak of - i find / see nothing
looking for an idea - lets call it “command t” so i can turn it on and off as needed - not trying to rearrange setting for an entire drawing … there are times i dont want it to snap to a point, especially when its not a point i pick

like when you draw in Autocad you can turn Snap on and off as needed - cause there are time it snaps to point you dont want it to ? i am confused by this question

Can you describe a situation where snapping is a problem? Embracing the inferencing in SketchUp is a good thing, and it’s incredibly easy to override it by hovering away from the inference points.

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[quote=“davidaschiffer, post:7, topic:154711”]
like when you draw in Autocad you can turn Snap on and off as needed - cause there are time it snaps to point you dont want it to
[/quote]like when you draw in Autocad you can turn Snap on and off as needed - cause there are time it snaps to point you dont want it to

This just came up seconds ago in @TheOnlyAaron 's live stream modeling, and I asked for the same thing there. PowerCADD can suspend auto snapping by holding down the Command key, and I find lots of situations where I use it.

thank you i am not the only one - vindicated :wink:

I really cannot think of any situation where I would turn off snapping in sketchup.

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I can’t either. I am genuinely asking for a description of why one would want to. I asked twice but got no reply.

At 1:42± in “Here’s something that comes up a lot.”

which is great and helpful
yet far more time consuming that a Command + letter to disable for a one time line at a time
something i Wish they would add in an update

i dont understand
what is the concept of Miss-understanding ?
there are time where you are drawing something and the snapping gets in the way
as it snaps to every bloody point

why is it a hard thing to understand that at times you want to draw without having it snap to a line FOR WHAT
NOT asking for it to be removed
NOT asking for it to be Disabled for the Entire Drawing

what i am asking is that it be a Feature LIKE in Autocad that can be
turned on and off via a Command + letter (autocad uses f3 as the snap on and snap off)
just like f8 is the orthogonal on and off - or are you gonna ask why would you want that feature also turned off ???

we all have Different ways of doing things embrace that - dont hamper it

not asking you to turn it off not even asking you to use the feature
i am not u

i am requesting that like in Autocad
by pressing the f3 key the function is turned ON and Off

how as a simple question turned into a Brain Surgery concept
deal with it and either embrace the concept and be helpful
or clam up, comments like this are not helpful

Only one observation: If you click on a point on your screen with no inferencing, where do you expect the point to land? In a 3D space there are infinite possibilities between on the tip of your nose to the end of the universe.


follow this that was sent to me

in truth - this has become out of hand -
i withdraw the question
you all claim to be designers and yet cant think out side the Box -
having to Justify why i want or am seeking a feature to other that
do nothing but scratch their heads as to why i would ever want to disable a feature
i have explained
seeking the ABILITY as in AUTOCAD w/ the F3 key to turn snap ON and OFF
i dont want to Zoom into to select my point - but i cant select as it is snapping to either
an End point to the middle point
i am randomly making horz. lines NOT yet connected to anything (FOR WHAT EVER REASON)
yet they snap to end points with out ZOOMING IN all the way

who the BLOODY HELL CARES why i would like to do this -

i am with drawing my question and myself from this conversation

how and why a Concept turning something on and off as needed turns into the
spanish inquisition is beyond me
more questions as to WHY
instead of actual Helpful answers

It is a very good feature request.

Here is a simple example of one time it would be useful.