Stock list for machining project

I am curious if there is an extension available that would help me list standard metal stock sizes I would need for a machined assembly. For example, let’s say I am making an 6061 aluminum block that will have a brass shaft going through it, like this:

Is there an extension that can provide a list of minimum sized metal stock that I would need for the project. So, different from a cut list, but similar.

This list might look like:

Item     Name          Material            Min Stock Rqd
1           Axle              Brass                 0.250 x 4 rod
2         Bearing         6061 Al              3 x 3 x 3 bar


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The cutlist extensions will report the dimensions of the bounding boxes of the components. There won’t be anything that lists cylindrical parts with diameters but that’s not difficult to work out. Materials are easy enough as well as component names and quantities.

Here is a quick example using the minimum dimensions you gave. I added some edges in the components so the bounding boxes would be the right size.

An exported CSV file would be easy enough to edit to change the column headings, drop the columns that aren’t needed and show the brass rod with a diameter.

Personally I think I’d rather have the final overall dimensions of the parts and allow the machinist to pick out the stock based on the type of metal and what they have on hand to work with.

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Here’s an example of a thing I did a while back for a machining project. It doesn’t really matter what the stock sizes are as long as the final dimensions can be achieved.