Stl export not working

So, I am trying to build a model to 3d print in sketchup make 2017. When I export my model to stl with sketchup’s extension, cura shows the outline of the model, but shows that only one side of the model will be printed, like part of the model doesnt have walls. Does anyone know how I can fix my model? The picture is when the stl is sliced in cura

Share the SKP file with us so we can tell you what’s wrong without guessing. The most likely situation is you have missing or reversed faces.

maybe working dodecahedron.skp (75.7 KB)
I am trying to export the individual pentagon

Looks like reversed faces and internal faces.

If you clean up the model with correct face orientation and eliminate the internal faces, it should print fine.

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Alright so the end problem was face face orientation and internal faces, thanks to Dave R for the help.

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