STL Export is not solid, though SU model is

One of the issues with scaling up and down or even The Dave Method to avoid tiny faces is that sketchup itself will still often ‘fix’ things when it saves or imports and break things again.
For this reason it is far better to understand your ‘export from SU, open in slicer’ settings. So that you can maintain the larger size in sketchup and simply export at the correct setting for the stl to work with your printing software. Even if it opens too big or small in your slicer the scale tool of most slicers will allow for exact dimensions.

So basically,
Scale up and down can be useful but is really just a workaround to be avoided if possible.
The Dave Method is extremely useful for working with small things within a larger model.
Working at a larger scale and exporting appropriately is the best option for 3D Printing.

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