STL and DAE files show only mesh - no material or texture

Help! I’m new to importing 3d scanned files into SketchUp. The file I’m working with looks good in MeshMixer and MeshLab, but when I save it as a DAE or STL file and import that into Sketchup I see only a wire frame, no material or texture. What am I doing wrong?

Did you check the scale at which you imported the model?

A scanned model saved as STL and DAE and imported in SketchUp

I have both a dae and an stl file imported and in different layers, like in your video.
-The scale was small, I scaled up 200 %.
-I’ve clicked soften coplanar.
-I’ve adjusted the angle between normals

Nothing changes…

SKP file…

Meshmixer file…

Set the scale before (on original model), not after import.

Scaling up after import does nothing. Use a 10 or 100 times larger import unit than the one used in the file. The mesh is very, very dense.

Thank you All! That worked …however it’s now just a solid colored object. How or where do I include the visual information of the surface as it was scanned?

If by “visual information of the surface” you mean the texture, this would be a JPEG file (maybe) next to the DAE file, created when you exported and should be imported automatically.

Thanks mihai.s
Nothing imported… I imported these manually, which were generated automatically. I

I should clarify my last post. The jpg textures were generated by TRNIO when the object was scanned and exported as an OBJ file. I’ve opened the OBJ in MeshMixer, scaled up, and exported as both an STL and a DAE file. When I import either into Sketchup, the mesh object imports as a solid color with no texture. No texture files import. I’ve manually imported the texture files, but nothing useful comes of it.

Did you have any specific reason to use MeshMixer and convert from OBJ to DAE? If not, did you tried to import the OBJ file directly (to which you can set the scale in Option) or you can try an extension like Universal Importer, Transmutr or Skimp?

No reason other than i’ve found it to be the easiest way to convert the OBJ file to STL or DAE, since SketchUp does not import OBJ files. I’ll look at the extensions you mentioned.

Note that the STL format does not carry any textures. Is the Meshmixer DAE export set to export textures? They should appear in a folder next to the DAE file.

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