Sticky geometry with components

I have never ever run into this issue before. I created a component, placed another component on-top of it and now they are sticking together when i try to move the bottom one. Also, if i try to move the numbers along the blue axis, the will not move in that direction. But i can-make them move along green and red just fine.


hubs ver 2.skp (560.5 KB)

Right click the 3d text and select “unglue” from the context menu to release it from the other component. You will then be able to move the other component freely and the text will be free to move on the blue axis.

Thanks for the reply. I tried that a minute ago but that option is greyed out:)

Well it works on the file you uploaded.


ok, i just exploded the letters, and re-grouped them into a componetn and it seems to be fine. A quick fix but what the heck caused it?

Just saw your last post. that is interesting that it worked for you. For me, it was greyed out…

Thanks for the replies. SO interesting the SU is doing odd things like this to me recently haha

When you place 3d text it has a temporary “glue to” property that doesn’t stay with it in the component properties. You must have glued it to the other component when you placed it.


I wonder how because i always make my letters on the side, then move to place them… ohwell, i have it fixed now. thanks