3D text locks to objects

Can anyone explain how this works? Is this a setting I can turn off?

I’m using the 2022 version, recently downloaded and updated, and most of my files are saved as 2021 models. I didn’t have this issue (or at least, I didn’t notice it) in the 2021 version.

Whenever I create 3D text and place it on an empty space, it behaves like any other grouped object. I can move it freely, and it snaps to other objects and the axes just fine. If I place 3D text onto another object (whether it’s grouped or not, doesn’t seem to matter), the text becomes “anchored” to that object. That is, if I place 3D text on a small square, when I go to move that square, the text moves with it, even after I’ve moved the text away. It’s like the program thinks the initial placement of 3D text is, like, important or something.

Any ideas?

3D Text is created as a component with gluing properties enabled. There’s no way to prevent it during the creation of the text but you could remove the gluing after it is created. Simply right click on it and choose Unglue.

The point of giving any component gluing properties is to make it easy to insert exactly where you want it and aligned to the face.

How are you using the 3D Text? It’s normally intended for things like making signs on walls and similar. It kind of sounds like you are using it for labeling objects. That’s generally not a great practce, though.

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Brilliant, thank you.