3d text alignment

Having difficulty aligning my 3d text on a vertical wall. Seems some of them are slightly buried, and some are floating. I tried using vertical alignment but am still having problems. I’m, also aware of moving on the axis . I am using the text on a mausoleum where I have names of deceased, dates, etc.

Post your model file or at least a couple of screenshots so we can really see what’s going on. My first guess:

When 3D text is created, if it is placed on any surface on your model it is set to glue to that surface by default. If that 3D text is subsequently moved it retains it’s glue-to setting and orientation relative to the original surface it was placed on. It will stay in that plane until unglued.

Right click on the 3D text and choose unglue to release the glue property. Then the 3D text can be aligned manually with any surface just as any other geometry would be.

Or you can open the component browser and pull in another instance of the same text, which will glue to any new surface you place it on, then delete the first instance.


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