Text Tool linking relative to object

Is there a way to keep text linked to an object rather than to the screen?

As I model kitchens that I am designing I create notes to myself to call attention to particular interfaces. When I do this the text itself stays parallel with the screen, i.e., always oriented to me the viewer.

What I would like is to be able to attach this text to particular objects and have it continue to occupy a spot on the drawing that is consistently linked with an object.

For example, if I drop text into a window pane over the sink it would always live in that window pane rather than drift off to some other place as the drawing view is rotated.

I am able to easily do something like this in CAD software. As I write this I can see how it would be difficult to keep text properly oriented while objects rotate. I just thought I would ask because I see people defying gravity all the time with really cool plugins.

Can this be done with a plug in or is there some other way to associate text with a specific part of the drawing?

Give the text a leader and it will remain connected. The text itself will always be parallel to the screen so you can’t make it look like you wrote the text on the window, for example. You could use unextruded 3D text, though.

Thanks Dave.

That was kind of a bonehead question now that I just did it.
Thanks for answering it.

Stand by for more.

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I’ve started using this extension Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse - that allows for editing of 3D text…which is super helpful and may be of use to you.

Ah, yes. that’s an oldie but a goodie. I remember when ThomThom wrote that as a cvhallenge at 3D Basecamp.