Sticker on glass

Hello. How to imitate such glass? What material to use in Vray?

probably a png with transparency.

and the other day you asked how to make a bench with a kitkat sticker on it. well same way works too. with a png for the design.

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This is a quick render of a representation of etched glass, not a sticker on the glass.

The pattern was drawn on the face of the glass and a frosted glass Vray material applied inside and neutral glass for the rest.

I would like to clarify. Is this not a png? Is it a pattern drawn with sketch up tools?

Yes, I thought of that, thank you. But how do you make the pattern a little transparent?

In my example it is not a png. The face is simply divided into multiple regions and different materials applied to them. I started with a .svg file for the geometry but you could draw it with various drawing tools directly in SketchUp.

photoshop, gimp or even… sketchup.

If your image is the pattern (white) with a transparent background, then when you apply it as a material , you can reduce the opacity of the white part (the transparent will remain transparent)

Or Dave’s solution. it requires a bit of drawing, but it’ll allow you to easily change material, colour and shape.

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You drew this pattern and a rectangle equal to the size of the glass in a vector editor and exported it to sketch up. Right ?

No. Only the pattern was done outside of SketchUp. It was imported as a .dxf file into SketchUp and the geometry was added to my glass panel geometry.

DXF? So I can use auto cad to create a pattern? Thank you

I guess you could use AutoCAD to do that. As I wrote, I had a .svg file which I converted to .dxf to import into SketchUp.

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Check out this video. Not sure which is easier/faster…to use PNG ‘masking’ as a material in V-Ray or, as @DaveR has noted, using an image editor such as Adobe Illustrator to convert the pattern to DWG linework and apply the two different glass materials directly.


I did it the way I did because I needed to show it in SketchUp and had no intention of rendering in Vray. I only rendered it for this thread.


Thank you, very helpful

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