"Stay Signed In" for Trimble Connect Synch Windows App not working in 1 circumstance

I have the Trimble Connect Windows App that starts up when I boot my computer and syncs my selected windows folders to Trimble Connect every 3 hours. I love it!

I never have to re-enter my credentials. Shut down? Reboot? Restart? No need to re-enter my credentials.

And if my internet service goes out for a bit? No problem! It does show an error message, but when the Internet is restored, it comes right back with no error - and no need to enter my credentials.


If my internet connection isn’t working when I BOOT my computer, Trimble Connect fails. Then, when my internet comes back, Trimble Connect makes me sign in again!

AND my previously checked off “Stay Signed In” - which persists in all other circumstances - is then NOT checked!

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