Trimble Connect APP not staying logged in

I use Trimble Connect Synch at all times when I’m using both my home and work computer. Not through the SketchUp feature, but through the Trimble Connect Synch App that I have installed on both machines.

I use it to keep one part of my component library in synch across both machines.

My problem: On both computers, the app is started automatically when I boot the computer. At home, it remembers my credentials and signs in automatically, but at work, no matter what I try, I have to log in to Trimble Connect every time I boot!

Here’s my setups:

Work: Unlimited Storage on Trimble Connect based on my work SketchUp Pro subscription. Windows 10 - I can’t give the exact build since right now, I’m at home composing this. Trimble Connect Synch App - cant give version right now for the same reason, but I don’t recall an update on either machine since I installed it, so probably the same as the version at home.

Home: Limited Storage on Trimble Connect based on my personal SketchUp Pro Classic license with Maintenance and Support up to date. Windows Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362. Trimble Connect Synch App version

On both machines, my Trimble Connect Synch App uses the same credentials - the one associated with my work SketchUp Pro Subscription.

At home, I’ve set the only TC Synch App setting that seems to be involved as follows:

At work, after being forced to log in every morning, the “Stay Signed In” option is unchecked - and I then “check” it. This action causes my work TC Synch App to show the same as the above screen capture.

At home, I shut down and restart Windows - the TC Synch App automatically logs into TC and synchs my component collection TC project every hour - all without needing any action on my part save starting Windows.

At work, I shut down and restart Windows - the TC Synch App starts, but doesn’t automatically log in. Once I re-enter my credentials, it synchs the same project every hour.

This is, admittedly, a minor annoyance, but it’s one that’s repeated every day I work, and it bugs me!

Any ideas?

A couple of additional notes:

  1. I haven’t given my SketchUp versions since this absolutely doesn’t involve the SketchUp App - only the TC Connect Synch App. The problem occurs whether or not I ever start SketchUp during a home or work session. And I only open SketchUp itself about once a week at work.

  2. I should perhaps also mention that I used Windows 10 Professional both at home and work.

‘Stay Signed In’ is possibly a browser security setting, what are the differences in those…


Hi @john_drivenupthewall.

I don’t think a browser is involved! I’m talking about the Trimble Connect Synch app. It may, indeed, use a browsing library under the hood, but it isn’t accessed through a browser.

Nonetheless, I’m willing to try just about anything. I checked all my browser settings (Chrome - my primary browser, Internet Explorer - used for one outdated site that requires IE, and Edge - used only occasionally when I get a weird Quora error in Chrome) on my home computer and found no setting that seemed to apply OUTSIDE of the setting I already pictured within the app. And I’ll look at the same set of browser settings on Monday when I get in to work. Given that I have the same set of browsers available on my work computer, I’m not optimistic.

PS: I’m going to edit my original post to emphasize that it’s the Trimble Connect Synch app - I forget to make that distinction when I first posted!

I realised you meant the app, but it has to use either an embedded or a system assigned browser engine…

looks like it uses this one


Not saying it ain’t so. Just saying that I couldn’t find a browser setting for “Stay Signed In”. And I have no clue about where to look to see if there is a browser engine setting other the the full browser settings I’ve already searched.

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