Started with a Free Trial and now have Outliner issues in free mode

Hi all,

I recently finished a 30 day trial period of pro and now have an issue with the model I was working on… I had used the outliner heavily during my modeling and now no longer have access to all the groups I created before. The biggest issue I have with this is the items I had hidden before using the outliner… they are still hidden in the free web designer and I’m not sure how I can now unhide the items without the outliner?

Also for future reference using the web designer; what do you guys use to hide/unhide items? Is using tags on items the best way? (that’s what I’ve been relying on now).

Thank you for any help!

How about sharing the .skp file so we can see exactly how your model is set up and give you some directions for fixing it?

Tags are the best option for controlling visibility of objects in your models.

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Thank you for the response Dave. I have attached the skp file below. The issue seems to be with not having a pro account… without access to past trial outliner, I’m not sure how I can access the hidden items in free web mode.
Metal Garage House.skp (2.9 MB)

You’re model is pretty messy with excessive nesting and hidden objects within hidden objects. I think I’ve unhidden all of the hidden objects. Create tags and assign them to the objects in the model.

I presume this is a hobby thing for you? Might be better to start over and create the model in a more streamlined way. Don’t use so much nesting of groups and components. That makes working with the model much harder than it needs to be and again, use tags. Hide is best used for temporarily getting objects out of your way but tags are better.

Metal Garage House.skp (2.8 MB)

OK, thank you so much Dave! Yes, I agree in hindsight the different variations should have been saved in separate files/models. In hindsight, had I realized the outliner would go away, I definitely would have modeled that way.

Thanks again!

Out of curiosity, how are you planning to use this model? Are you just making stuff up as you go?

Mostly just as a ground layout theory… nothing too serious… just messing around with structural ideas before finalizing ground plans.

BTW, I just wanted to thank you again… I was able to at least copy the items (roof etc) over to original model to get to where I need to be!

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