"Start Using Sketchup" Button Missing; Can't minimize window

Whenever I try to start using Sketchup, I know that I need to click a button to start using it. However, I can’t scroll up, down, left, or right to find that button, and I can’t find a way to minimize the screen/scale it. Here is what it looks like:

If you can help me find a way to fix this, that would be great.

What happens if you click on Choose Template?

Doing this helps me scroll all the way down, but then, I can’t do anything else.
<img src="//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/sketchup/original/3X/8/1/81171d264dfdb4a1f1c83c03086aeb75b921f938.png" width=“666” height=“500”>

Try clearing your Internet Explorer cache.
It’s used by many SketchUp dialogs and might need emptying ?

I am on Google Chrome and I cleared the cache. I am not sure if that will affect Skecthup, though.

You might be using Chrome but SketchUp uses IE on Windows. Try clearing the IE caches like TIG said.

I have done that, what should I do now?

Did you try restarting SketchUp?

Since you haven’t bothered to fill in your profile correctly we can only guess.
Have you set your Text, icons etc at more than 100%.
Have you tried holding ctrl while rolling the scroll wheel back towards you?

Yes, and then I get to the same screen, non-minimizable once again.