Stand alone guide points from Tape Measure tool

I often use guide points (Ruby cpoints) in components to provide a visual reference for an inference that isn’t on a vertex or midpoint. I created them in the past using PointTool from Matt66 on SketchUcation Plugin Store, but that hasn’t worked for several recent SU versions (EDIT: on Mac - but see below: it still works on Windows).

There’s also CB_Cline from EW, which can create finite length guidelines with or without standalone guide points, and you can delete the guideline to leave points only.

But if there were a modifier for the Tape Measure tool with the option to create standalone guide points with or without a separate dashed ‘tail’ I’d find that useful. Especially if it were implemented in the Web versions which don’t allow plugins.

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SketchUp 2022 and PointTool plugin on Windows 10 64bit

I wonder if it’s been updated since I last tried it, then?

It crashed on earlier versions of SU for me.

@slbaumgartner looked at it on my behalf, and found it was crashing somewhere inside the graphics driver on my Mac (then running Big Sur or even Catalina) using the same machine I still run - 2015 iMac 27 5K retina with AMD Radeon R9 M395 2 GB.

Just retried it. As soon as I try to draw a point, I get the Mac ‘spinning beachball’ - program frozen.

So I should amend what I said to ‘not working on Mac’ which sadly still seems to be true.

But thanks for pointing out it still works on Windows. That’s useful to know.

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My approach for when I want a simple guide point is to create a temporary circle or polygon, use Find Center to create a guide point, then delete the circle/polygon and move the guide point to where I want (if needed).


That’s a useful tip. Thanks.

The ‘Tape Measure’ tool creates guidepoints at a certain (input) distance from existing endpoints. These guidepoints are with a dashed tail. If your input is 0 (zero) you create a guidepoint without a tail ontop of the starting endpoint. It can then be moved as needed. So without temporary creating a circle followed by ‘Find Center’.