Stacked Objects 3/16-in apart. How to know when touching face?

Hi. I’m a new Sketchup Pro user. I’ve nearly completed one project (a large raised-garden project). I have a stack of blocks (2x6 boards) grouped next to a tall single block (corner post) I’d like to attach to. I thought they attached the first time I placed them, but they were 3/16’s away and never made contact. I know how to move objects by constraining to a single axis, but I can’t tell when to stop moving toward the corner post. I’ve looked repeatedly at videos and tutorials that claim to train me in how to align two objects next to each other by snapping into place, but I’ve not been able to understand them. Can someone help?

When you click on the components/groups to move, grab them by a corner or edge that will correspond to some point or edge on the post. The cursor will snap to the post when you get it close. You can see this in the video here. Start at 4:45.

Assuming you have correctly isolated each piece in it’s own group or component, you should be able to select a board, choose the “Move Tool”, click on a corner of the board and start moving it. Then press the right arrow (I think) to constrain the movement to be parallel with the red axis (assuming that’s the direction you want to “slide” the boards), then hover the cursor over either the correct face of the post, or on one edge that defines the correct face of the post - at this point, an “inference” should appear, so another “click” at this time should move the board to be in contact with the post.

Thank you so much for responding. I got it to work, but it didn’t work as I expected. I expected to select the corner, constrain the angle, select the target “inference” and then the initial object would jump to the target location. Instead, after constraining the angle and moving my mouse to the target, the board followed me to the target and then just snapped to the face as soon as it was close enough. I was never given the opportunity to hover my cursor or click on anything. Was that just because the two were already so close together? Will I need to click on a target inference point next time or is that not really needed in all cases?

I’m not following what your description of what you expected would happen but since you got it to work it probably doesn’t matter.

What do you mean?

The most accurate way to move one component/group to align with another is to use inferencing. You can infer to a face but that can be problematic in cases where the face is at an angle or is not flat. It’s usually easiest if you have a point as the target. That could be an end point on an edge, a corner or perhaps intersecting guidelines. There are a number of options for inferencing and some will be more appropriate than others in different situations.

Check in Model Info>Units to see if Length Snapping is disabled. If it isn’t, disabled it. Length snapping can get in the way.

I would also suggest that you get in the habit of drawing things in place as much as possible. If you watched the video I referred you to, you’ll see how I use what I’ve drawn as reference for the next components to be created. This method is easier and faster and you’re less likely to induce errors.

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