Stacked Fractions in Layout

Has anybody been able to figure out how to get stacked fractions in Layout like this?

Is it a function of the font or is it a software issue? I haven’t been able to find a font that does this but I have seen some CAD based software automatically stack the fractions. I’d love to be able to do it in Layout since space is tight sometimes when I’m dimensioning something small.

Thanks in advance…

That would be nice, wouldn’t it? I suspect there are some fonts out there that can create stacked fractions although I don’t know which ones specifically. They’d be special characters, though so the dimension text wouldn’t be automatic.

To save space, it might be that you could reduce the font size? I use 6 pt for the plans I do on letter size paper and they are plenty large.

I would like to bring this discussion to light. This is somewhat of an important feature in architectural drawings and I am having a problem presenting drawings when dimensioning walls, etc. when the dimensions are in very tight spaces. It can become cluttered and hard to read.

Do you think stacked fractions would reduce the clutter? Looking at your image, I can see a few dimensions I would move and a few that I would use a leader on.

I’ve had some cases where contractors have read the string of numbers as one. I am just looking to mitigate errors without spending days moving my dims around. Should we not expect more from Trimble in regards to industry standards? They have an amazing product that could be less frictionless with some implementations.