Dimensioning Tool likes to stack Dimensions

Dear all, i´ve lived with it for a while now an was wondering if i had missed something? Is there a conveniant way to prevent this array of measurements stacking on each other?
Also rearranging is long winded. Often only the one in the middle needs to be moved. Since the last one been drawn is on top of the hierarchy, i will have to move it aside, to be able to grab the middle one…well any suggestions?

Thanks so much.

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I will suggest that there are too much information trying to be in the same place. Maybe you need smaller dimensions, if possible, or a larger scale, or also, dividing the dimensioning up into several lines of dimensioning.

I agree its a problem that what you click at is not what gets selected, its as though the dimensions boxes are not really transparent although they look that way.


Hey Odd,

thanks for the suggestion. Looks very clean and is readable. So i will give this method a try.
The selection of Dimensions actually improved somewhat in LO23. So its getting there… :blush: