Can't explode dimension anymore!

Hi guys. I have a bit of a problem here. I recently update to Layout 19.2 and one of the new feature create a small problem in my workflow. You can now add text to a dimension. This is a great new feature but for some reason, you can’t explode the dimension and keep the result as text anymore. You now end up with brackets only.

Layout can’t create multi-unit dimensions (a big bummer really!) so I was copying all my arch dimension, converted them to metric, then explode them all, select only the text and place them underneath all the arch dimensions. Because I can’t explode them anymore, I will probably have to add text manually to every dimensions on my page! This is sad. That will take much more time than it used to.

If Layout would eventually introduce multi unit dimensions like most software today, that would fix the problem! I’ve been proposing this idea for at least 5 years!. I live in Canada and dimensioning arch+metric is a standard on ALL my project.

Thank you for making us aware of this. This is definitely not how it should work and we will look into fixing this issue as soon as we can.

Thanks for the feature request, we will add it to our internal feature tracking and consider it along with other work.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


Thanks Adam. That will make my life wayyyyy easier!