Dimension text displaying "<>" instead of numbers when opening the dimension's text

Hi everyone!

I have been using layout to create framing plans which require some adjustment to the dimension’s text/numbers during my workflow.

Until now, when entering the dimension by double-clicking multiple times, I was able to copy and adjust the numbers of the dimensions. However, for some reason in the 2021 version when entering the dimension all I get is “<>” instead of the numbers displayed. This makes it impossible to copy the existing text in the dimension for easy manipulation.

The reason why this is important to my workflow is that I am creating running dimensions using an AutoHotkey script that opens, copies and adds the existing text in one click which used to be a huge timesaver for running dimensions!

I’d love to share the AutoHotkey with anyone who’s using Layout for running dimensions if I find a workaround!

Could there be a setting that I am missing somewhere?

Here is a gif below to explain the behaviour of the dimensions.


Cheers, Laurin.

They show that way because they are linked to your SketchUp model and are effectively auto text. If that’s not acceptable to you, explode them so they are no longer linked. Or just overtype the <> with the desired dimension.

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Ahh that makes a lot of sense! That must have changed throughout the versions.

The explode option is amazing. I will create a second layer with the original dimensions as the backup and edit the exploded dimension texts as usual.

Thanks a lot, Dave - you’ve saved me many hours! :slight_smile:

It’s been that way for quite awhile. I don’t remember when the connection to the model was made but it isn’t new. It’s very powerful especially when the model gets modified. Keep in mind if you explode the dimensions, they won’t get updated if the model gets modified.

Happy that helped.

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Yeah exploding isn’t ideal of course as it does break the connection, but it is a good workaround until a proper running dimension tool is added in the future.

Exploding and copying the exploded dimensions to a second layer works like a charm.
This way the originally connected dimenions persist and, if changes are required, only the running dimensions will need to be re-exploded and modified again.