Layout dimension tool nightmare

Dear Layout Development team,
Please, please,please fix the dimension tool. Here is my idea for architectural dimension.
Just like on my cad program. Horizontal, vertical, rotated, and aligned. Say i want to do a horizontal string line dimension or as some call it a running dimension. click on horz. then string line click 1st point next point place dim. then continue clicking on points. when you get to the end hit overall. Do the same with vertical dimensions or rotated dimensions… Aligned dimensions would like a 45 wall or any other angle. Doing a house with 45 deg. angles when dimensions. if i’m doing horizontal or vertical dimension even though the wall is at 45 deg. its still a horizontal or vertical
dimension. I don’t want the length of the 45 line when I’m doing vertical or horizontal dimension. Something so simple.
I hope that you and your team can get this very major problem straightened out. I really want to use Layout in my work
flow. Okay I’m done.
Thank you zadachdesign
P.s. base line dimension adds up the dimensions at each point. String line dimension is from point to point. One click not double clck

I don’t think the team is understanding how much business is out there for a viable SU to Layout workflow amongst designers in small to medium businesses currently holding their nose and buying revit.

Fix the pot holes, team, and this could really take off.

I think their busy re-laying the entire base for new tarmac…


What makes you say that?

the LayOut API…


I don’ think Revit stinks at all (disregarding the fact that it does not play very well together with SketchUp and Autodesk’s pricing model). It is my favourite BIM app, but there are a lot of tasks and businesses where Revit is overkill.

I see that the Layout team doesn’t have much interest in fixing the dimension.

Apparently you’re looking in the wrong place.

Ehm, OK, so the tone was a bit smarmy to start with - my bad.

However, it would very interesting to know what you mean by the ‘wrong place’.

I am very sincere about seeing SU overcome a few core issues to become a viable case for an Architectural workflow instead of Revit, Archicad, Vectorworks 2018, that I can present convincingly to my team.
The main hurdles have been:
-Parametric modelling (solved by Plusspec)
-BIM (solved by Plusspec to a viable degree) and IFC beyond the perfunctory stab in SU17
-Team environment (a viable approach being developed by our office as plugins - Cross Reference Organizer is one of two and is available now)
-2d document inefficiencies and missing essential functionality as mentioned by quite a few. This includes better dimensioning and drawing tools and other things - for example an automatically updating simple Index of drawings page. Automation-assisted window, door, etc schedules.

So where is the right place to look DaveR?

I was responding to zadachdesign.

He is incorrect in his assertion. Accusations that the LayOut team is not interested in making fixes and improvements to LayOut couldn’t be farther from the truth and they are not helpful. They are always working to improve it. That’s their job and they do it well. One only needs to look at the progress over the years to see that they are making improvements with each new version of LayOut.

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This is a very important issue. But, I don’t see that the Layout team
responding to my post that I posted 19 days ago. So I see that the issues
with the dimension tool in Layout are not very important to them.

Did it occur to you that maybe they are kind of busy working on LayOut 2018? Historically new versions are released in November. By my calculation, that’s not too far away.


I’m sorry. I love Sketchup I am learning so much. I thank you for the many
things you have taught me.
I will be looking forward to the new release. Have a great day.

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