Question about fractions in dimensions in Layout

My employer is asking for fractional dimensions to be diagonal fractions with one number higher than the other, instead of the format that appears by default, for instance 1/2. Apparently in Autocad this is an option, but I can’t find a way in Layout dimensions. Any suggestions?

Take a look at the settings under the Window > Dimensions Style menu

If the dimension style in the layout file is not what you want, simply select the dimension tool and then open Dimension Style dialog and set it to the “style” and unit type you want. When you save your model, this should also save the Dimension Style for that particular model.


Thank you very much for your response but I don’t think that’s exactly what I’m looking for, I’ve looked through the dimension styles box and can’t see to find the option for a stacked fraction. To reword my question, I’m looking for a way in layout to set my dimensions to diagonally stacked fractions, so if my dimension was 3/8" it would be a diagonal stacked fraction rather than the characters 3, /, and 8.

There are fraction fonts you can use, although the dimensions they produce won’t be associative. Here’s one: Sans Fractions Diagonal Plain