Squaring up my model

I have spent hours designing a wardrobe system and at some point I have put it out of square and the whole thing is now a parallelogram… I’m new to the software and cannot find a way to square the whole thing back up by about 3 degrees.
Can anyone explain how to correct this please?

The exact process of fixing it depends upon how you built it in the first place. Could you share the SKP file? It would be helpful in getting you squared away.

Ben and Gemmas Wardrobe.skp (2.3 MB)

Thank you Dave. Here it is… I think.

PS… Good Pun!

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Ben and Gemmas Wardrobe.skp (140.2 KB)


To fix the little bit of lean you’ve got, you can use Planar Shearing from FredoScale which is available in the Sketchucation Extension Store. I went ahead and did it for you. I also took the liberty of redrawing your model such that each part is a component which will make modifications easier if they are needed. It also makes it easier to get a list of the parts you need to cut.

Er… Wow. Thank you. Very much appreciated. Also I did not know I could do that so will look at a tutorial for it.
Again. Thank you.



Do what? Make the components or the cut list?

Both. Only just followed the basic tutorials they sent via email. Hadn’t even got to number 4 yet.
It’s looking to be a lot more handy than I already thought.

Yes. I think you’ll find SketchUp can be incredibly handy.

If you want to see a basic workflow for creating a simple cabinet model, take a look at this. It’s not a real “basics” sort of thing but it should give you some ideas.

As for the cut list, it first requires that you draw each discreet part as I did in my version of your model and in the video. the Cut List extension is available from the extension Warehouse. there are several but the one I like best is the one by Steve R.