Square legs angled for round stool top


From my perspective, the 7 degrees angle runs along the plane of the back to front corners of the square leg, not along the red or green axes of the leg. I can’t figure out how to do that angle in Sketchup.

I hope that makes sense, and appreciate thoughts anyone has.


Can you upload your SketchUp file to show us what you have so far? How many legs on the stool?

Maybe something like this?

One easy way is to draw a rectangle and rotate it to pass diagonally through the leg blank . Use that rectangle as a reference for aligning the protractor of the Rotate tool and rotate the leg blank to 7°.

I worked centered on the blue axis and origin so that I could simply Rotate/Copy the leg component after the first one was positioned.


DaveR, your solution worked. Thanks for the assist! Much appreciated. off I go further developing my Sketchup skills.


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