Drawing raked and splayed legs in sketchup


Hello Fellow Sketchup Users,

I’m a Newbie to Sketchup and would like to model a bar stool. I’ve seen a number of video’s on how to make Raked and Splayed legs with sketchup but most of them talk about moving the legs by inches to reach the desired compound angles. Is there a way to use degrees instead of inches to reach the desired angles? Maybe use a protractor or other tool?

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You could use the Rake and Splay extension to set up guiding geometry. Or you can rotate the leg to the desired angles.See this and here’s a link to the extension.

If the videos are showing moving the top face of the leg in the X and Y directions to make the rake and splay, the legs will end up with the wrong shape. It’s better to either draw the leg on the angle or draw the leg vertically, make it a component and then rotate it into place.

Note: the video in the first link is ancient. The user interface has changed since then but the tool works the same way.


Thank You for the link.