How to cut square tubing at a 45 deg

Heres what I have: I want to cut the legs at a 45 degree angle and remove material so that the legs of this tower look similar to the real life photo. I’ve attached a copy of my sketchup file.APSA TH3 Cold Box.skp (1.3 MB) image

Although I’d say it doesn’t look like the photo. The shape you describe in your SketchUp picture can be done by setting an angled guide with the Protractor tool, then moving the outside edge straight down to the guide. (The top face doesn’t have to be selected. It was only still selected because I had just reversed it- it was backwards.)



Could you go through the clicks please? Never used protractor tool. (like step by step?)

nevermind i got it. had to use the move tool

I’d say it IS hard to describe but not unlike a combination of the Tape measure and the Rotate tools. A video might be better. (and I gotta go.)

Good. Yes, you have to use the move tool as I said “moving” the edge down.