Square centered inside another square

Hello All
Its been a very very long time since I used SketchUp.
I have forgotten how to place a square, centered and a little smaller inside another square. Seems to me I used the move funchton, or maybe I simply drew two lines midpoint and the intersection was the middle of the square, then simply make another square.
Can someone help me with this easy task
I’m using the free sketchup.
Thanks for the help

Do you mean the free web version or an older free desktop version?

It makes a difference.
Could you correct your profile so we know in future without needing to ask.

Here it is in the web version.
Use the midpoint inferences to get the center then tap ctrl to draw from center and away you go.
Square in square

You could also use the offset tool or the move tool to place the square in the center. There are always several ways to do things.

I’ve used desktop for these but it’s the same in the web version, just the tools look a bit different.
Offset move

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The Offset Tool…now I remember!
I’ll try that.
Thanks for the help!

Years ago, I used the free desktop version, and I love it. However, that was when Google owned SketchUp.
All my old SketchUp files no longer opened anymore when I could no longer get a free desktop version.
So now I use the free web version.
I wish I could open my old files, the desktop version is very costly for me
Thanks for the help

2017 Make is still available for download.

Version before 2018 automatically revert to the free version and your files should still have been usable.
If you had opened and saved in a newer version they would not have opened in an older version, but all versions have the ability to Save as Back to an earlier version.
So there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to access your older files.

where can I download 2017 Make?
Thanks for the help

Thank you very much for the help!