Coincide the mid-points of 2 rectangular shapes



I’m new in this filed. I like to draw two rectangulars in a plane with the two middle points exactly conincides. What is the best way?

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you can use the inference of mid points of sides of the first rectangle to place the second using the control modifier to place it at its center


Like this:

Alternatively you can use an extension like Midpoint, which I find very useful (especially when there is no geometry to infer from/to).


Thanks a lot. I will try both advises.



Another option: use “offset” command

or like this, with “group”, “copy”, “move” and “scale” commands:


Select Rectangle tool and click the ctrl button, select first point and type Dimensions or hoover the mouse and click for the second point.
For the second rectangle to start, use the mentioned inference (mid)points for the first click, now, you have the same midpoint.


Hi MikeWayzovski

That is an interesting way to do it. But the CTRL button does not work at my PC to draw the rectangular starting from the center. What can I do to get that working?

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Oops, I think they implemented it from version 2018 and the free Web version, only…