How do e center a rectangle in another using midpoints?

This is probably a basic operation but is there a quick way to center a rectangle inside another ? using midponts maybe, see image attached

Yes. Midpoints with a rectangle drawn from its center.

Get the Rectangle tool, tap Ctrl to draw from the center. Hover over a midpoint on one edge and move the cursor toward the center. I held Shift while I went looking for the other midpoint although you don’t have to do that. You can hover over both midpoints one at a time and move the cursor toward the center watching for the inference.

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Thanks DaveR I thgought there was a simpler way of doing it, but could not remember, been a while since I used SketchUp, last version I used was 16

Rectangle from center was added a few years after 2016.

Following on from Dave’s post, you can use inferencing to move things to the middle.
Here you see I inference to the center of a face to pick it up and then inference to the center to drop it.
Then the second one is picking up a group, taping alt will cycle through the different grab points, one of which is center.
GIF 8-03-2024 12-45-38 PM

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