Spoiled geometry data inside SKP file (Solved - mix of hidden and visible primitives)

Geometry data in my skp file were totally spoiled during drawing process. I removed all geometry from corrupted skp, draw two lines near the (0,0,0) point. If I connect 2 points along green axis with (0,0,0) in the middle I’ll get line and strange triangle. I have corrupted skp file. But I can’t find the way to send it to your support team. Please connect me with my account e-mail.

P.S. I used the latest SketchUp Make for drawing.

SketchUp Make does not get official support. You will need to buy the Pro edition for support.

Attach the problem SKP file to this thread.

Actually I don’t care about support now. I’m just ready to provide information about bug in software for free and I don’t care about any feedback from developers about it.

I can’t find any control to attach file to thread.

You can upload the file here or (max 3MB) or share via 3D warehouse, post the link.

I reviewed different options and found that there are a lot of hidden geometry (lines). And this unexpected triangle was based on 1 visible and 2 hidden lines. I didn’t try to create hidden geometry (I didn’t even know about it). Maybe some uncontrolled action or maybe they were made by some sketchup tries to fix scene (sketchup reported a couple of times during modelling process that model is wrong and it should repair it).

So I don’t see that something wrong now. Thank you for your help anyway.

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