Incomplete geometry in downloaded file

Hello all - I am having some issues with a house model that one party did some work on across the country, then emailed over to me. In trying to separate the model out into groups and layers off of “Layer 0” there appears to be missing geometry (i.e. the walls are not complete solids, rather many are just faces with texture applied to them, or some faces are missing.) I am having to painstakingly remodel each portion of the house to reestablish the solid walls, floors, etc.

Wondering if this might be a corrupt file? Or just sloppy modeling? Untimately hoping there might be an extension that could help form solids out of the broken geometry. Screenshot attached.

First guess (and we can only guess without seeing the actual SKP file) is that the other person didn’t keep edges and faces on Layer 0 where they belong. Perhaps didn’t make proper use of components and groups, either.

Just an update here - the original file was not modeled as a solid in the first place. Just a pretty box with no geometry on the inside. I ended up having to start from scratch with a new model.

Thanks for the reply Dave.

Thanks for the update. Sometimes it’s just better to, as my mother-in-law used to say, “I do it me self.”

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