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Hi Dave, my file is corrupted can you help me how to open it?
Thank you.


Unfortunately I wasn’t abble to open the file. It might be that @colin will have better luck when he gets a chance to look at it. He’s traveling today so may not be able to attempt your file until tomorrow.

I wouldn’t hold out much hope for it. I expect a large part of the file is filled with zeroes.

Do you have the .skb backup file? Share that. Let’s see if it’s got a chance.

By the way, you aren’t using SketchUp Free. You are using SketchUp Pro. Presumably you are using Windows 10 or 11, too. Please correct your forum profile.

Hi Dave,

I appreciate your prompt response. Unfortunately, there is no skb file.
I have also another corrupted file. Hope you can check this one too.

Please see attached link.

Thank you.

Why is there no .skb file? There should be one in the same directory as the .skp file. Did you have to use some file recovery app on these?

This second file appears to be in even worse condition than the first.

What are the chances you used either of these files in a LayOut file?

If these are models you need, I would suggest not waiting for Colin to get back. It would be prudent to get to redoing them in case he doesn’t have any luck.

yeah, checked both in SublimeText, lots of 0 in the first quarter, then again a big chunk of 0 in the middle.

not a good start

yes, this.

and make versions, make copies. V1 you make the walls and floor, then when you start making material stuff, you copy your file or save as and call it V2 and so on. that way you never loose everything, only the last iteration.

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