Splitting up parts for 3D printing


How would I split this model into several pieces for 3d printing? I want each piece to have a thickness of 2 cm and they all have to fit together in order to make the final design. I also would like the total length to be 60 cm , The total width to be 40 cm and the total height to be 20 cm.

Thanks in advance.

Mech Dragon Body V.1.3.skp (2.0 MB)

The first thing I would do is orient it so it is aligned with the axes. Currently it is set to some random angle. Then I would fix it so the component is shown as solid. In its current state, it isn’t 3D printable.

After you get that taken care of, you can draw faces (rectangles) to intersect where you want to cut it. Use Intersect Faces to make those rectangles cut the model. Then you can select each section and group it. Make sure each of the resulting groups shows as solid.