Split things up for 3D Printing


I would like to split this up into several interlocking pieces so I can 3D print this. How would I do that? I plan on adding 2 high torque servos to the leg so I can have it walk. The blue highlighted area’s is the general area will the 2 servo’s will go.

Mech Dragon Leg (Left).skp (2.2 MB)

Thanks in advance.

Hey, you need to create groups or components from the geometry. Select the geometry you want to group, right click>make group/component. Grouping isolates the geometry from the rest of the model, it is good practice to always draw using groups or components. Model the parts as they will actually be built, group them, then fit them together as you would build it. Cheers

Mech Dragon Leg (Left).skp (2.3 MB)